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Q4 – What can I expect for weather?

A4 – Spring – Temperatures usually range from lows of 40-50 F in the morning and evenings, and daytime highs of 60-70 F. Fall temperatures are very similar. However, later in the fall towards the end of October and into November, it can get a little cooler in the mornings and evenings, below freezing. Typical lows might be around 15-30 F and highs into the 30-35 F range. 

Q5 – What should I bring?

A5 – The following list is a basic recommendation of what you’ll need to bring:

Water Proof Boots - Gortex Hikers with Gators or 18" Rubber Boots- Well broken in to prevent blisters
Day pack  - To Carry bag lunch, layered clothing, and optics, GPS
Binoculars (10-12 Power)  and Spotting scope if available - Long Range GlassingGood set of Rain Gear. Quite yet Water Proof
Layered Clothing for cool mornings and warmer afternoons. No need to bring towels, facecloths, or bedding, It is provided.
Personal items such as shave kits, soap, shampoo. shower flip flops.Soft case for firearm or bow.

Q6 - What about hotels when flying in/out of Deer Lake?

A6 - Deer Lake, Newfoundland is the airport you will fly in/out of. It's only a 30 minute drive from our village. If you are arriving on Sunday and departing on Sunday, all is good. However, if you have to fly in on a Friday night or Saturday because of flight availability, and likewise fly out on Monday, you need to book a room at either of the following Hotels and we will pick you up from there and drop you off there on Sunday, you just need to let us know your travel arrangements:

Deer Lake Motel Phone 1-709-635-2108 Website

Deer Lake Holiday Inn Express Phone 1-709-635-3232 Website

Both are 5 minutes from the Airport and close to restaurants. Tell them you are a hunter coming from the USA and they should provide you with a small discount. It is my personal opinion that rather arrive late Sunday night and be tired from travel and time change on Monday, I strongly urge you  to arrive late Saturday night a get well rested in one of the local hotels for pickup on Sunday.

Q7 - Do I need a passport?

A7 - Yes, you will need a valid passport. Also, if you have a criminal record, you may need to apply for a pardon which Is easy and quick through a lawyer (E.x. DUI Offense). Check with your customs agency to be certain.

Q8 - Do I need any special paperwork to bring my firearms into Canada?

A8 - Yes, there is a registration form to register your firearm into Canada. It is a basic document and there is a small registration fee at customs. You can find this form at the following link:  Please complete this form and have it with you at customs. The fee for registering your rifle with Customs is $50 and is valid for 90 days.

Should you have a questions not covered on this page, please email us at, and we'll get you an answer!

Prices to expect for shipping are as follows:
​First Box (50lbs) - $160 (+tax)
Each Additional Box - $90 (+tax)
Antlers are free when accompanied by meat
Antlers are $120(+tax) when shipped alone.
​Any questions about shipping, contact Michelle or Candace from Central NL Shipping at 1-709-651-4427.


Your trophy can also be left behind to our local taxidermist, Rex Jennings Taxidermy
(Contact 1-709-783-2180), to be mounted as requested. Rex will come to our lodge to pick up your trophy.

Shipping Destinations:

Allentown, PA    -    Bartow, FL    -    Boston, MA

Cartersville, GA    -    Cincinnati, Oh    -    Canton, MS

Detroit, MI    -    Fort Worth, TX    -    Detroit, MI

Fort Worth, TX    -    Green Bay, WI    -    Lakeville (or Eagan), MN

Mobile, AL    -    New Castle, DE    -    Raleigh, NC

St. Louis, MO    -    Mississauga, ON

​​Flying meat/antlers/capes with the airlines! (Not so popular since Mad Cow Disease)

 – Antlers, meat and capes are prepared for shipping by Countryside Abattoir in accordance with airline regulations (Countryside is an approved airline shipper). Countryside Abattoir will deliver the items at the airport at the time of your departure. US FDA allows wild game to be flown into the US at certain distribution points for pick up.

Shipping with Commercial Road Transport (Most Popular)

Therefore, a more common way of getting meat back to the USA for those who fly in/out is as follows:Commercial Transport Shipping – Antlers, meat and capes can be packaged and frozen and stored at Countryside Abattoir and arrangements made to have everything shipped by reefer tractor trailer transport, all items will be shipped to one of the following distribution points where you will be contacted ahead of time so you can arrange for pickup. This is arranged through Countryside Abbittoir and is generally cheaper than shipping through the airlines and also more convenient if you do not live close to a designated US FDA distribution point.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1 – What’s included in the hunt?

A1 – All inclusive, pick up and drop off to the Deer Lake, Newfoundland Airport. Meals, lunches, tags, licensed guide, trophy care and accommodations. All infield transportation. Clean bed linen, towels and face clothes are provided.

The items that are not included in the cost of your hunt are such things as Meat Processing and Shipping, Taxidermy Costs, Gratuities, and any travel costs/accommodations while getting to or leaving Ray's Hunting & Fishing Lodge.

Q2 – Can I drive or fly to Ray’s Hunting & Fishing Lodge?

A2 – Both! You can drive right to the door step of our main camp located in Howley, the village where Moose were introduced to the Island of Newfoundland, and use your own vehicle to bring your trophy and meat back home to the USA. Use google maps to get directions from your home address to Howley, Newfoundland, Canada. Alternatively, you can fly into Deer Lake, Newfoundland, which is a major airport in our area serviced by Air Canada. It is only a 30 minute drive from our camp, pickup and drop off to the airport is provided by Ray’s

Q3 – What about trophy and meat care? (There are several options!)

Driving your own vehicle

 Ray’s has a large Game Shed equipped with a meat cooler and salting racks to allow hunters to prepare their hides and meat for transportation back to the USA in their own vehicles if they are driving.

Countryside Abattoir (Contact Boyd at 1-709-635-7040) is a professional meat processing plant which we highly recommend located 40 minutes from Ray’s. We will ensure you and your meat reach the butcher in a timely fashion after your animal is harvested. Countryside Abbittoir can, as requested, process your game professionally into steaks/roasts/stew/burgers/sausages all individually vacuum packed. If you are driving, it is common for hunters to bring their own coolers and the butcher will package and freeze your meat right in your own cooler for ease of transport. Capes can be salted twice or frozen, antlers will be cleaned by your guide to ensure they meet Customs requirements (free of meat, hair, and blood). You can take your meat quartered or have it processed professionally by Countryside Abittoir. Cooled and vacuum packed, meat will keep for over a week without spoiling allowing ample time to travel home.

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