Highest Density Moose population in north america!
100 % Shot Opportunity on Caribou

​95 % Shot Opporutnity on Moose    
Professional Team of archery and rifle guides

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Celebrity Hunters Photo Gallery

We have catered to some popular names who have hunted with Ray’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge with great success like:

  • Dwight Schuh (BowHunter Magazine)
  • Tom Miranda (Territories Wild)
  • Larry D. Jones (BowHunter Magazine)
  • Neil Summers (Bowhunting Safari Consultants, LLC)
  • Mark Buehrer (Bowhunting Safari Consultants, LLC)
  • Mike Schoby - Moose & Caribou (Gander Mountain)
  • Bill Krentz - Moose & Caribou (BowHunt America Magazine)
  • Tom Vanasche (Traditional BowHunter Magaizne)


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